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Team Notion Developer Diary Entry 1 is here!



The first Team Notion Developer Diary is finally here! Subscribe to Pure Nintendo magazine to read the first entry where I talk about the history of Notion Games and where it is now. I also talk about the prepping process for Team Notion, the next game in development. Thanks for the support and we truly appreciate the opportunity Pure Nintendo Magazine has given us.


New Studio!


After a couple of years being cramped in my apt bedroom, I’ve finally been able to rent studio space!

I’m so happy to be able to actually have a location for Notion Games. Edward Dennis will be moving to Austin, Tx to help me push Notion Games even further.

This has been a great journey so far and we hope to bring you more games really soon!

Super Ubie Land makes 10 Top HTML5 games of 2013 list!




After over a year of hard work on Super Ubie Land, I am really glad to see that people actually like it. Super Ubie Land has been included in the top 10 HTML5 games of 2013 list!!!

It’s defnitely an honor and I hope we can bring more content to you guys that you’ll enjoy.


Pure Nintendo Magazine – Team Notion Developer Diary




Pure Nintendo magazine and Notion Games LLC are teaming up to bring you theTeam Notion exclusive developer diary! Readers will get access to exclusive concept art/ sketches, soundtrack downloads, wallpapers, interviews and more! It’ll be in EVERY issue of Pure Nintendo Magazine starting April until the game is complete. Subscribe to Pure Nintendo Magazine by heading towww.PureNintendo.com/magazine!

A Review Of “World Poker Tour: Hold ‘Em Showdown” For The Nokia N95

Poker in your hand
“World Poker Tour: Hold ‘Em Showdown” might not be able to give you the perfect simulation of participating in a poker tournament, however it has one big advantage over other mobile titles that offer similar experiences: it’s immersive sound effects and narration.
Mike Sexton, who was part of Team partypoker.com during the game’s development, comments on the moves of the players which enhances the overall experience (even if his digitized voice may sound garbled at times). Combine these audio samples with outstanding presentation, and it is clear that “World Poker Tour: Hold ‘Em Showdown” is a premium product which is well worth its asking price.

Players get to enjoy full 3D graphics, improved avatar personalization, a maximum of eight players at the table, and all new tournament venues and casinos to play in.

The game give the player a bird’s eye view of the table, where you will see your “hole” cards. As the round starts, the extra “community” cards that all players can use will begin to pile up. Mike Sexton will provide more commentary on the river, turn, and flop cards prior to the end of the round when each player has to reveal their hand – if they are still in the pot.
The main draw of “World Poker Tour: Hold ‘Em Showdown” is the level of interaction that your character has with the other computer-controlled players. The A.I. reacts to your moves in the same way an actual human opponent would. For example, if you try to bet aggressively with them, they will more often than not, react in an equally aggressive manor.
With all of these functions present in the game, “World Poker Tour: Hold ‘Em Showdown” succeeds in being an authentic mobile simulation of the televised poker tournament.