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Team Notion Update!

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The NotionKIDS book, “Drew” has changed to “Team NOTION.” A kids superhero series.

I’m hard at work on this title right now. Aiming for a completion date of late June. I’m on track at the moment and still trying to keep this momentum up! The format is a mix between a comic book and a children’s picture book. May sound weird at first, but I’ll show sample pages later once i have more content created.

In other news, I have teamed up with Arcadia Nevermind for a couple projects this summer, one being a new form of sketchbook that we’re hoping to be completed by Mid June.

(Hard at Work!) Stay Tuned

– Drew

New character art for NotionKIDS book, “Drew”

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New characters shown in the sketches above. Sandy and Panda are apart of the cast in my first NotionKIDS book, “Drew.” Just having fun with the character designs and putting them in cartoony situations. I’m going for a cartoon network look to hopefully get the eye of industry professionals.

Sandy is a character based on my fiance, Sandra Gutierrez. I think it’ll be cool to pull inspiriation from my actual life.

You can check these sketches and more on this series by going to the NotionKIDS page.

New Swiff page AND Children’s book Sketches!

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Check out the latest page of Swiff Tiny Tales!

I’m sketching out things and ideas that could be used for the children’s book that I’m working on. The sketches will be in the NotionKIDS section of the site. More work and official news on the book will be updated over the next couple of days. The first book will be finished in the summer time and I’m planning on making a 3 book series (16-20 pages each) hopefully to all be finished by August.

NotionKIDS children’s book Announcement!

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I’m working on a children’s book that will be starring myself as the main character. I never really draw myself so I thought that maybe I should for once lol. But I drew myself a lot cuter than what I can take credit for… but isn’t that the point 😀 ? Book will be written by myself and Robert J Russell.

Look for the first book to be completed around early July. Planning on the book being about 16 pages. More from the same series will be made soon after.