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New background art direction!

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‘Up Up Ubi’ is receiving a new facelift. This is concept for the new first level design showcasing simpler vector style graphics. The team has agreed that this style suits the hand drawn sprites better. I really liked the painting style from the previous builds but this change will be for the better.

We also have new enemies. Little birds that will come in swarms but are each individually easy to destroy.

You can see that Ubi is also hanging on the balloon instead of bouncing it. This is his new ability and we will reveal a lot more as time goes on.

Stay tuned.

Up Up Ubi being ported to Torque 2d Engine

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Things have been going just a tad bit slow on ‘Up Up Ubi’ due to working on the VybeBot music app and also us having our day jobs. I work at Edge of Reality as a world builder (character designer) for the sims 3 so that alone takes a lot out of me. But we’re back up and running as much as possible on Up Up Ubi and we’ve also decided to port everything over to the Torque 2D Engine instead of writing our own engine from scratch because it’ll take more time than what we’d like. We’re hoping to get the game to alpha stage by Oct 22nd (my sons birthday) so that we may start doing submissions and get the game ready for release for various platforms sometime early 2012.

In the video above shows what we’ve ported over so far:

-New simple title screen showing the logo (Not the final)

-New background art by Edward Dennis

-Porting the ring system

-Death animation

We have a lot more things that we need to port over (enemies, sound effects, animations, etc) and many new features that we’ve brainstormed about over the past few days.

I will also start a new youtube feature on my youtube channel ( that I’m thinking of calling ‘Past the Game’ which will be a behind the scenes look at the creation of ‘Up Up Ubi.’

we have a lot in store so stay tuned.


Up Up ubi – Title Screen layout

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Hi people! This is Drew here updating you with more progress from the game ‘Up Up Ubi.’

Here’s a mock up of the title screen. The early builds of the game showcase levels with skies and no terrain graphics at all. Of course all of that’s going to change and we’ll have tons of environmental art all over the place. But for now we’re still testing the core basics of the game.

With so many games out there for the Iphone, Android and PC brings heavy competition. We want people to start our application and enjoy everything from the character designs, gameplay, sound effects, all the way to even the title screen. So that’s what I’ve been focusing on for a couple of hours this past weekend. Above is a mock up of the title screen that I’m planning on using for now. I like it; it’s warm, tropical feelng and just simple and colorful. I’m planning to incorporate animated segments into the title screen and of course have a great score to welcome new and returning players.

The options displayed on the mock up aren’t neccessarily going to be in the final. I’m sure there will be more overall choices.

We have a lot of work left on ‘Up Up Ubi’ and we’re going to try to share every step of the way with you guys!

Thanks for the support. Stay tuned!


Notion’s Game Developers Diary: The Beginning

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-Notion (Dat Boi Drew and Matthew Wead Jones) has been around for a couple years creating illustrations and comics. After taking a step back and seriously realizing that the comic book industry is a tough cookie to crack, the team decided to enter the realm of gaming. Since the Iphone and Android platforms have released, it has been much easier for independent developers to have a chance at releasing projects and getting them out to the masses without dealing with publishers, pressing up dvd’s, shipping and all that other complicated stuff. –

I (Dat Boi Drew) have been playing video games since I can even remember and I still very much enjoy playing them to this day. As a matter of fact, I am a concept/character artist and world builder at Edge of Reality in Austin, TX working on a project for Electronic Arts. So why not take my artistic abilities, passion and knowledge of gaming and create some of my own?

I skyped Matthew (Notion’s writer) and we began figuring out which one of our intellectual properties would make a good game. We think that all of them would but we’d still have to think about the style of game, how to incorporate the stories and how they would be fun, enjoyable experiences on mobile devices.

We narrowed it down to Team Notion for our first title and decided to make TN a beat-em-up style similar to the Streets of Rage series.

(Streets of Rage 2 gameplay video)

This style of gameplay was very popular in the early 90’s with games like Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master, Double Dragon, Final Fight, etc. and I remember playing these games  a lot. Plus 2D gaming is making a return so why not include my style into the mix and see where it goes?

Up Up Ubi wasn’t even a fragment in our imagination at this point. We we’re pretty happy about beginning the Team Notion project but of course, you cannot start any gaming project without a programmer!


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