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Up Up Ubie Remix

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Up Up Ubie remix is a project I started working on about a month ago. I decided to remake the original Up Up Ubi game that I had released back in early 2012. I wanted to add a lot more things to the overall experience and make it exactly the way I’d want everyone to experience it. I couldn’t do it with the original version because the programmer for that game had left the game development scene altogether and there was not way for me to go back and touch up the game. Now that I have a lot of experience with the Construct 2 game engine, I am now able to go and make the game exactly how I want it to be.

      The game will feel a lot more hectic to those that are good enough to get that far. The game shouldn’t feel boring and should prove to be quite challenging. I also touched more on pacing and was able to do a lot of testing to get a good feel of when I should have the game speed and difficulty increase.

      Unlockable characters and stages are back and the game will have more characters added in as updates. I have made a lot of friends in the indie game scene and we like to do cross promotions. The character Syrek from Varia Games’ “Reven” will make an appearance in the future and so will Pure Nintendo Magazine’s character (Pure Nintendo Man).

      After completing Super Ubie Land, I felt that including characters from that universe would make sense so I have included Honey Bee. She will have challenges for the player to complete and will reward players with additional coins to use for in-game boosts and unlocking characters and stages.

      Overall, this version of the game will be a lot funner and will have a much more replay value than the original with all of the current and future additions. I hope you guys enjoy it. It’ll be out for Android, iOS, Windows 8, and Wii U very soon! Just need to make sure I wrap up quality testing and see if there are any problems on the Wii U version.


Up Up Ubi HD (HTML5 Version) in the works

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I’m still getting emails from people asking about the Android version of Up Up Ubi. I’m sorry for the wait and really appreciate the support for the game thus far. I’ve decided to tackle the programming for it and get it out as soon as possible. This version will also be playable on PC, iOS and basically anything that’ll run HTML5 games (there are a ton of devices that do). I’ll also be adding a new character, new levels to unlock, balancing out the difficulty more and other tweaks that’ll make the game much more enjoyable for everyone.
Notice: I started on this build last night so only about 3 hours of programming has gone into this build. This is to show you guys that I’m working on it.