Super Ubi Land

Andrew Augustin in Aug/Sept issue of Pure Nintendo Mag

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The Aug/Sept issue of Pure Nintendo Magazine has just arrived and they have a 5-page article titled, “Are Games Getting Easier?” and look… I’m in it! Yay! Thanks Pure Nintendo for allowing me to share my thoughts on the matter and thanks Justin Hinton for being an awesome guy!

They have a FREE 1 YEAR digital subscription to the magazine but only during the month of August!

Final Trailer for Super Ubie Land

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I am in the final stretch of the game! I still have some all nighters to pull but it feels great to have made it this far. I estimate that I have about two weeks of work left on the game before I can declare it finished and ready for extreme testing. Here is the final trailer for Super Ubie Land:


I have put a lot into this project and I really hope I can get support and I especially hope that you guys enjoy it.

I will post the first set of videos of me playing around with the idea of a game inspired from Mario, Kirby, and Donkey Kong Country. This is where I was at with the game 1 year ago. Just a character and a concept for a fun platformer:


The video above showed my very first attempt at making something move in Construct 2 (an HTML5 game engine). You can see there a huge differences in the graphics quality. This was also a time where I was teaching myself how to transition my art style from comic books and concept art to full on game sprites. It was definitely a learning experience and something that I am still trying to master.

And here is the very first trailer I made after a few months of development. I was eager to post any progress that I had made on the game.


Well, I need to get back to work. Still a lot of things I need to take care of. I hope you guys are eager to play the final product. Thanks for the support!