Super Ubi Land

Super Ubie Land – Updated Art!

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This is my second game ever working on independently (Up Up Ubi being the first) and I must say, this has been a great learning experience thus far. A ton of work has gone into creating the game (especially since I’m doing the art and most of the programming solo). I  do feel growth in my understanding of game mechanics, art, and game coding logic. Thanks guys for supporting this project and allowing us the resources to complete it! I am really trying to bring out more color into the game and create the feeling of Ubie being in a world, and not something flat and… well… to be blunt, boring.

I hope you guys are enjoying the way the game is turning out thus far. I am putting my all into this!

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Old Cloudy Forest Level 2


New Cloudy Forest Level 2



Old Cloudy Forest World Map



New Cloudy Forest World Map