The Up Up UPdate! (Up Up Ubi)

We’re back again with ANOTHER update! Great right? I’ve been making many animations for the game(s) over the past week since my departure from Edge of Reality so now I’m full time on my personal gaming projects. Check out the recent changes below:

– Blowfish: These guys jump up from the bottom of the screen and inflate randomly! You must destroy them before inflating or else they’ll become¬†indestructible.

-Swiff Coins: Coins featuring a character from Notion’s ‘Swiff: Tiny Tales.’ Collect the coins to earn points and to be able to unlock rewards!

– Combo Chains: Whenever you kill an enemy you earn a chain and as long as you keep ubi alive your chain will continue to multiply also cause more and more enemies to appear on screen to attack Ubi!

– Removed the shooting ability.


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