Team Notion Animation Pencil Tests 1

Even though we haven’t reached our Kickstarter goal (yet) I am still deciding to go into production on the Team Notion project. We are playing around with two concepts for Team Notion. If the Kickstarter gets funded, we will go into full production on a 2d beat-em up style game (similar to Streets of Rage 2). If not, we will play around with a platformer similar to Super Metroid… Iknow, I know! There are a ton of games like Metroid, but hey, we think we can have fun with the genre.

I am drawing a ton of stuff right now for a platformer and we will be implementing them into a little test game to see what direction we’d think would be best for now. I’m using Drew from Team Notion as the test character for the platformer and Sandy as the test character for the beat-em-up. Below are pencil animation tests for the platformer. It’s just a quick Idle, running  and jumping animation for Drew.


There are things that I need to fix. But we’re getting to see the character in motion and starting to come to life! Cool! From this point, I just stuck Drew in an environment to see if the art goes well together.

I hope you guys are as excited about the Team Notion project(s) as I am. We are still trying to get funds to help out with development kits and outsourcing things like voice actors to up the production value of the game.

If you are interested and would like to help out with the game, head to our Team Notion Kickstarter by clicking the link below. For those who don’t know how Kickstarter works, you choose an amount you wish to pledge and you get different rewards depending on what price tier you choose. The project doesn’t get funded UNLESS THE GOAL IS REACHED! Not a penny less AND it’s timed. If we don’t reach the funds within a certain time limit… No money… which is a shame, but that’s why it’s important for us to hit the goal. If you’d like to make a pledge click the link below:

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