Indie Mega Launch!

I literally woke up sweating after having a dream of Super Ubie Island coming out and just crashing and burning. Next Friday, the game launches on Steam. The game is launching together with 4 other games and will be on sale with a 25% discount! Even though I have a publisher tied to the marketing of the game, I still feel extremely anxious. I’ve tried to promote as much as I can and though there are people who know about it, it doesn’t mean they’ll BUY it.

It’s like this is a make or break situation. Let me explain… I love to create. It’s in my blood. It’s who I AM. But at some point you do have to realize that you may have to focus on something else if it isn’t making ends meet. If the game doesn’t sell well, then I’d have to create another game spending roughly another 2 years to complete it, then try selling it again. The amount of time, energy and money is what makes that such a daunting task again.

I’ve put my all to make it to this point. Can Notion Games LLC make it to the next level? Can it grow from just being a solo man operation and be able to hire more staff to create bigger, better projects? Is my dream to create suitable content that everyone can enjoy with diverse casts (African Americans. Latinos, Women, etc) and make a living doing so while creating jobs too great for me to achieve? Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon- just kidding. Seriously though, I don’t know and that uncertainty is partly what drove me to give it a shot but is also now what’s making me doubt myself.

Super Ubie Island releases next Friday, let’s make it a success! Click to attend the event and post a comment to let my publishers know that you guys want Super Ubie Island Remix!

*Lays back down… staring into the darkness of the unknown…*


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