Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2016 and New Game!

I will be heading to the LV Licensing Expo this year. Notion Games will have its own booth! I am very excited and cannot wait to go. Andrew Masson (ThatAndyGuy), the composer for Notion, will be riding with me to Vegas.

The plan is to showcase Ubie, Team Notion, and more in hopes of landing various deals from clothing to school supplies or even maybe an animated series. You never know right? Thus far, I feel like I’ve built up enough characters and games to attend something like this. We have ordered posters, business cards, and even custom plush toys designed after Super Ubie Island Remix characters.


I have about 40 days until the expo so I decided to start working on a small game to be able to showcase at the expo as well. This is what made me ressurect the Chick-A-Dee game that I had worked on with Neil Jones last year as a small “game jam” style project. I have decided to take the basic structure of that and expand it into a full game. Give it new characters and a story and also a new name, Sheep Herder Nay.

This game is a puzzle game, something I’ve never done before. But I feel like it’ll pose a welcomed challenge and will expand the type of games that I create. A lot of my games seem to fit in the Arcade and Action/Adventure category, a style of gaming that I LOVE, but it’s nice to play with new genres from to time.

I’ll speak more about this game soon. Back to work!


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