Up Up ubi – Title Screen layout

Hi people! This is Drew here updating you with more progress from the game ‘Up Up Ubi.’

Here’s a mock up of the title screen. The early builds of the game showcase levels with skies and no terrain graphics at all. Of course all of that’s going to change and we’ll have tons of environmental art all over the place. But for now we’re still testing the core basics of the game.

With so many games out there for the Iphone, Android and PC brings heavy competition. We want people to start our application and enjoy everything from the character designs, gameplay, sound effects, all the way to even the title screen. So that’s what I’ve been focusing on for a couple of hours this past weekend. Above is a mock up of the title screen that I’m planning on using for now. I like it; it’s warm, tropical feelng and just simple and colorful. I’m planning to incorporate animated segments into the title screen and of course have a great score to welcome new and returning players.

The options displayed on the mock up aren’t neccessarily going to be in the final. I’m sure there will be more overall choices.

We have a lot of work left on ‘Up Up Ubi’ and we’re going to try to share every step of the way with you guys!

Thanks for the support. Stay tuned!


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